SHOTGUN FACELIFT was formed in Grand Forks, North Dakota (2012). The band plays an infectious blend of power groove and metalcore. The band's second full-length album is called DAKOTA BLOOD STAMPEDE, and it releases spring/summer of 2021. The band has undergone many lineup changes since it's inception, and getting to the debut of that second album has been a testament to the enduring will of lead guitarist Damien Goulet. Simply, without his spine and stubbornness, the band would not exist. And as it exists currently, it is not only the strongest it has ever been, but is an entire force that cannot be ignored. 

The band's original lineup released a demo, called '21311,' and the EP '21311 REVISITED.' Their music received significant features from all local radio outlets and even a feature on DAKOTA DAMNATION. The buzz landed the band several notable bookings at THE AQUARIUM in Fargo, TAK MUSIC in Dilworth, MN, and their hometown venue of OJATA RECORDS in Grand Forks. SHOTGUN FACELIFT opened for several impressive acts including THREATPOINT and ART OF ANARCHY (a band fronted by Scott Stapp formerly of CREED). The band became renowned for their infectious groove and unique metalcore, and their live show was raucous, soon in talks for bookings outside the midwest and was even being considered for ROCKFEST. Bad news was on the horizon, however. Soon after their success had begun, the original vocalist Tim Fortner left the band, and a long hiatus ensued. But Damien Goulet, the lead guitarist and last original member after eight years, still had bassist Curt DeCamp. And the pair soon set out to prove that you can't kill stoic conviction.  

John Huber was auditioned and hired to handle vocals. John was off the heels of his third SKELETON ROSE release NECRO and an Album of the Year nomination from the INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS for his first album BLACK ROSE. John's more aggressive guttural style began to take the band into a more brutal direction, and after months of gelling on the road, more heavy duty adjustments were made to further advance the band's newer vision. An even groovier, nastier, leaner and meaner band began to emerge. After SHOTGUN FACELIFT's longtime sister band SAVIOR SORROW went defunct, Matt Person (guitars) and Jody Smith (drums) were absorbed into SHOTGUN FACELIFT. SAVIOR SORROW (formerly SHOVELHEAD) had earned opening slots for BUTCHER BABIES, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION and DEVIL YOU KNOW. Both Matt and Jody are known for their tighter grooves and aggressive hooks which made SAVIOR SORROW such a force before its moratorium. The bands had been close friends for years, which made them not only a perfect fit for a heavier and more aggressive SHOTGUN FACELIFT, but took the band into a brand of synergy, efficiency and brutality they had never previously known. Simply, SHOTGUN FACELIFT went from a good band, to one that was downright anthemic. Something entirely real in an era of glass and plastic.   

The new album is called DAKOTA BLOOD STAMPEDE. It releases spring/summer of 2021. The first pre-release singles have already garnered the attention of several online metal media magazines as well as interest from several labels. Every band member brings 20+ years of metal experience, and the maturity is immediately palpable. This is not a record from a band of young men still finding themselves. This is a record from a group of older men that are seasoned and ready. And hungry. Very, very hungry after twenty years of the grind it takes to become exceptional in an area that has little to no love for the music they play. From the grim jaws of defeat, the band is on the verge of a future that may look brighter than anything they could have imagined. 

The album itself is brimming with no-nonsense rockers built for every arena in the land. This is a band of men who have worked and ground themselves upon the proving stone for years. And at the end of it all is only the beginning, because this band is very wise . . . And they have quite a lot to say. 

And when they do say, do so with class, poise and undeniable power. 

--DAKOTA BLOOD STAMPEDE-- is set to release spring/summer of 2021. Follow and stay in touch with the band on all the socials. Head to their bandcamp to contact, purchase and stream their music. FAMINE and OPEN PLACE TO BLEED are already available, and the whole album is coming in the ensuing months. 

John Huber (Vocals/Lyrics) 

Matt Person (Rhythm Guitar) 

Curt Decamp (Bass Guitar) 

Jody Smith (Drums) 

Damian Goulet (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)