From the recording Open Place To Bleed

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The sea was cold, and I remember where.
The needing in my bones as we laid side by side in the sand.
Your energy fades, and flows into me.
I close my eyes and make you disappear.

Destroy your sadness, suffer as you suffocate.
You always saw this coming as you hold your hands around my throat.
(Second Pre-Chorus: . . . as you hold my hands around your throat.)
The reaping game, the little lie that I can't tell.
Holding you closer as you leave me here all alone . . .

Holding you closer as if you were my own.
(Your road, my tomb)
Knife digs out a grave for weeping angels lost inside of you.
(Don't leave me here)
Lullabies of broken dreams and creeping things will carry you to sleep.
(Your chest, my grave)
Emptiness with nothing left except an open place to bleed.
An open place to bleed. (x2)

The sea was twice as cold, and the water's rushing in.
Shaking fingers like the lanterns guiding to the dead.
I never thought you wanted this, wanted death.
Chasing reapers that had misplaced your name.

Reapers that mistook your name,
I'll always wonder whether it was worth the wait.
Reapers that mistook your name,
Was it worth this fucking game?
Because now everybody knows how you made me dig out your grave.